The Eddie Bravo Invitational 5 Full Competitors List

The 5th event of the Eddie Bravo Invitational will be streamed on Sunday December 13 from the Orpheum in Los Angeles. This event promises to be a hit because the promoters are planning to field big name grapplers from the IBJJF and the ADCC. In case this plan does not work, the organizers of the event will mix seasoned veterans of the sport with relatively unknown names.

Two of the biggest names on the cards are Rani Yahya and Eddie Cummings. Others are Kim Terra and Nathan Orchard. The current champion, Dennys Prokopos is also lined up for the tournament and should add a splash of color to the event. Sixteen (16) men are billed to participate in the tournament in the 155lbs category.

This tournament is submission only/winner takes all and each winner in regulation time gets 5k. It is possible for finalists who finish all matches to earn a respectable 20k dollars. However, fighters who win in OT get zero dollars.

1. Denny ProkoposDenny Prokopos


2. Nathan OrchardNathan Orchard
3. Rani YahyaRani Yahya
4. Rafael DomingosRafael Domingo
5.Javi VazquezJavi Vazquez
6. Georgi KarakhanyanGeorgi Karakhanyan
7.Stephen MartinezStephen Martinez
8.Lachlan GilesLachlan Giles
9.Dan CovelDan Covel
10.Lucas BrownLucas Brown


11.Jonathon Ortega
Jonathon Ortega
12.Chito VeraChito Vera


13.Kim TerraKim Terra


14.Ruben AlvarezRuben Alvarez


15.Baret YoshidaBaret Yoshida


16.Eddie CummingsEddie Cummings

Talita Alencar vs Gabby Bella
Riley Breedlove vs Sophie Lee
Derek Rayfield vs Aaron Curtin


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