The Guy Who Beat Conor McGregor At European Open No-Gi 2012 Says “His ground game is too weak”

Conor McGregor had not lost a single MMA fight since the year 2010, but that has not been the last time that he was defeated. When he was competing at the European Open No Gi Jiu Jitsu Championship back in 2012, he could not get past his first match when he had been fighting Kywan Gracie Behring. This grappler had placed third in the purple belt division and he recalls the day that he had beat McGregor. He had no idea who McGregor was when he fought, and he had defeated him in a 2 – 0 sweep. He had said that McGregor’s ground game was way too weak when they fought, and that he was slippery in a no gi competition, but was otherwise easy to defeat when the two came together to actually fight.

Kywan Gracie told MMA Fighting

“His ground game is too weak, man,”He only has a good posture and is slippery in no-gi.”

“He tried that guillotine against me and he didn’t get even close,” he said. “His coach is just talking to promote his fighter. That’s what they do. It’s marketing, and Dana White loves it.”


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