The Jiu Jitsu Times Weekly Challenge: Call your Shots

Blanca Marisa Garcia

The Jiu Jitsu Times Weekly Challenge is an opportunity for us to give our readers new training methods to try out.  Try these challenges for a week; if you like them incorporate them into your training routine!  Maybe it’ll help your game; maybe it’ll just make the game more fun for you!

Ever play pool?  Ever play pool and call your shots before taking them?  Well for one week try the same thing out when rolling: at least three times per rolling session let your training partner know precisely what submission you are going for and on what appendage.  This will make the roll just that much more challenging and interesting and will inevitably improve your ability to impose your will in tournaments.

This will do something to the roll that you probably haven’t experienced before: your training partner will know exactly what you’re trying to do and will know what they need to do to stop it.  This method will in a major way emphasize position and use of alternative submission entries.  You’ll have to be crafty.

Very often, trickery and surprise can be useful weapons for us to use both in the gym and in competition, but sometimes our opponents understand the tools with which we are working.  In situations like this, having very precise and sharp technique can override another person’s intelligent defenses.  That is to say, it doesn’t matter if they know it is coming or not, it’s going to happen.

Your training partners knowing your desired outcomes will force you to sharpen your technique to the point where it can negate the other person’s defenses.  This may wind up being a more “strength driven” method of rolling, you’ll have to bit a bit rougher than usual, so make sure when you do this that you do it with people you trust to tap on time.  Some people may get prideful when told what attacks you’re going for, don’t use this method with those people.   Still, make sure you are using good technique as it will make the exercise go more smoothly.

Initially try this out with people who are less skilled than you, if you are able to make this work against them, start working up the ladder of rank and skill.  If this becomes an easy task start to work your way up.  I’m sure that there are high level black belts that can readily do this to other black belts.

This is a training method that I use with people who know me well and won’t take offense, however if you use this method with someone you don’t know they may view it as an affront.  That being said, this is a fantastic training tool that will inevitably make your submission game stronger.

Let us know how you like this and the other challenges we’ve issued.  We love feedback!  See you next time for the Jiu Jitsu Times Weekly Challenge!


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