Is Your Technique Failing You, Or is It Your Mind by Professor Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass leaves the Saturday class with some closing motivational thoughts.--photo by Todd Shaffer

How many times have you left the BJJ mats wondering ‘when will I get better?”  If you’re human and like most of us, probably quite often.  In this video, Professor Tom DeBlass tells us that maybe we’re focusing on the wrong things.

Almost is Not Enough

Many times there will be situations where you’re nearly past someone’s guard or you nearly have them locked in the submission, but something will make you doubt where you are at and you will lose the position or the submission.  Believe in your technique.

You Know So Much More Than You Realize

We all have so much more to learn, but recognize that you know much much more than you give yourself credit for.  Again, believe in yourself.  Believe in what you’re trying to accomplish with a certain position or move.

Jiu Jitsu Irony

We’re told not to think, to just react sometimes and to think about things other times.  This can be confusing.  Like everything in life, there isn’t always black and white.  Sometimes, in the heat of the moment when someone is trying to pass your guard, you must simply react.  To think at this time, would delay your reaction and you’d end up in a bad spot.  But after class, or that roll, it’s important to think and reflect on how you recovered guard.  That way you remember the good and learn from the mistakes you may have made.

Just Relax

Jiu Jitsu is hard enough without adding extra pressure on yourself.  The sooner you relax and focus on learning and having fun, the faster your BJJ will improve.

Stop Worrying about Others

There is only one person you can control 100% and that is you.  Stop worrying and comparing yourself to your peers, your opponents and your coaches.  Work to enjoy the journey and help others instead of creating competitions in your mind involving other people.

Do What You’re Taught in Class

Believe in what you’ve been taught in class.  Your instructor and coaches work hard to share their knowledge.  They are further down the BJJ road than you.  Trust them.  Ask questions and believe in what they share.

Have Fun

You’ve already chosen one of the most demanding arts, sports, or hobbies to spend your time learning and practicing.  Why make it harder by putting pressure on yourself.  If it’s not fun, you won’t stick with it.

Practice Making Your Mind Stronger

When you’re working your techniques, do not forget that your mind requires repetitions too.  You’ve got to make yourself uncomfortable to get better sometimes.  Challenge your mind.  Don’t let it stay a white belt, while your technique progresses through the ranks.

Check out Professor Tom DeBlass at his academy Ocean County Bjj



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