Remembering The Greatest Slam In Wrestling Tournament

At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Wilfred Dietrich performed what is regarded as the greatest throw in wrestling history. His opponent in the Greco match was twenty-two year old American Chris Taylor, who weighed about 444 pounds. Dietrich himself was thirty-eight and weighed 287 pounds.

It started with a huge bear hug, although Dietrich could not get his arms completely around his massive opponent. Nonetheless, Dietrich went down to his own back – belly to belly with Taylor, who was not overly concerned about the move because he assumed Dietrich would just pin himself. As it transpired though, Dietrich generated sufficient momentum to maneuver to the right, step over and onto his opponent and get the fall.

Starting in 1956, and frequently competing in Greco and Freestyle matches, Deitrich won medals in five world championships and five Olympics, becoming world champion in 1961 and claiming gold in the 1960 Olympics.



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