The Karate Kid: Daniel Is The REAL Bully…Here’s Why!

In The Karate Kid, most people think that Daniel is the film’s hero. It turns out that Johnny is the true saint. The film sees Daniel constantly assailing Johnny after a meeting at the beach. During that first confrontation, Johnny defends himself from an upset Daniel. Daniel, for whatever reason, spends the rest of the film trying to harass and attack his “rival”.

The Karate Kid culminates in Daniel defeating Johnny in a martial arts tournament. From there, he winds up with the girl, Ali, and a trophy for winning the tournament. Daniel ends up the victor despite all of his evil as Johnny continues to show respect for him. Take a second look at The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL bully!


  1. That was awesome. I’m a creative person but how creative do you have to be to catch all that stuff and put it together. Sure you smeared it a bit but point made and well. Kudos to your unnatural strength which was surely granted by a demon sorcerer.

  2. Both of those immature teenage characters are violent and selfish. At any point in time either one of them could have just let go of a situation and moved on as in Johnny letting go of the girl and Daniel putting his silly pride aside. I really don’t think either one of them are classic bullies in it for the trills of torture or whatever, just immature revenge seeking, (through violence), kids without positive adult guidance. Both teachers were wrong and their charges were shining examples of such. I like your pov… Made me think. Good stuff

  3. LMAO, the narrator must be a criminal defense lawyer. He’s diligent in framing Danielle’s actions in a negative light. But if you’re going to be that critical then you also have to point out Johnny’s criminal possession of the boom-box and possible blackmail as he is probably holding it hostage in exchange for her compliance with something she does not want to do. But no, Johnny’s actions are “in the heat of the moment.” lol. That’s as far as I got in this video. I hoped this would be a psychological mind bender.


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