The Leg Drag Guard Pass – 5 Ways

One of the most effective and popular guard passes (both gi and no-gi) is the leg drag.

From the different grip variations, setups, how to finsih the pass and palce your weight, there are multiple ways the top bjj guys execute the leg drag.

Here are 5 top level instructors demonstrating their tips for a leg drag guard pass

1) Gracie Barra head instructor Philipe Della Monica and bjj coach for UFC Lightweight Champ Rafael Dos Anjos shows his setup for the leg drag
* Check out how he sets up the pass

2) Atos team member JT Torres shows how he goes from leg drag to attack the back

3) Carlson Gracie black belt Ricardo Cavalcanti shows a combination leg drag to foot lock

4) Gui Mendes shows how to take the back when passing the DLR guard
* This is one of the best techniques for passing the dangerous De la Riva guard

5) Atos black belt Tim Sledd has an excellent series on how to leg drag. Here he shows his kimura attack to finish the pass
* Check out Tim’s other videos on other options from the pass and variations of the leg drag pass

on Jiu-jitsu Times: How to Stop This Technique? – “Don’t Get There”


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