The Resilience of the BJJ Community

Depending on how long you have been training, you can look back and see all of the people that started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at roughly the same time you started and count the number of people that are still training with you on ONE hand.

Bjj is tough, but only if you make it tough. Having fun with your teammates makes learning new techniques as well as drilling what may be considered “basic techniques” more enjoyable. When you and your teammates are having fun, you’re happier and there is a higher probability that you will be returning to the next class to continue your training.

Resilience. Never giving up on the goals you set out to accomplish when you first joined or new goals that you now have for yourself. Share those goals with your teammates and family. The BJJ Community won’t let you down and they will work hard to help you obtain your goals because in doing so, they are making themselves better. Both on and off the mats.

If you haven’t done this, try to grab a bunch of your teammates for an evening of socializing away from the gym and without going to watch the fights. Do a team dinner, go bowling, have the team over for a barbecue. Get to know your teammates better away from the mats and by doing so, this will bring you even closer on the mats.



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