The Secret of Feminine Health in Jiu Jitsu

You are a fighter, which makes you a friend too many germs automatically. Sweat, your training mat, gi all is home to these various types of bacteria. They are the main culprits in causing irritation, redness, rashes to your skin and many more. The most common among all the skin infections is jock itch. However, you can protect yourself from it by taking few precautions. Here is a list of things to care in order to stay healthy in your Jiu Jitsu journey.

1. What is Jock Itch?
You are feeling very itchy or there is some kind of irritation in the groin, so wake up probably you are becoming the victim of jock itch. Most of the people call it ringworm of the groin.  It is a fungal infection.  Adding to your shock this jock itch is contagious to women. It is mainly because of tight clothes, humidity, sweating, or friction between the skins. If you are obese or sweat excessively then you are more prone to it.

2. Figure Out the Infection and Treat it
It is very important to have the proper knowledge of symptoms and treatment of contagious jock itch. If you are feeling pain or itchy in the groin or inner thighs or at the bottom of the breasts then it implies that jock itch has affected you. If you have the ringworm of the groin then there is full probability that it can spread to your genitals, which makes it more important to cure it on right time.

The easiest option is to go for Defense Soap for contagious jock itch, which grime off, nourishes your skin, and helps you in staying fit.  It acts as a safeguard against all fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Maintain Proper Hygiene
Jiu Jitsu is a sport, which includes many contacts with your partner. Therefore, the first and most important thing you have to add in your habits is practising hygiene. Bacteria, viruses, or fungi cause all skin infections.  In order to protect you from these infections make sure to take bath after every training session. Use mesh sponge while taking shower but do not rub it with much force on the skin because it can damage your skin if rubbed vigorously. Do not grow your nails and clip them properly.

Always wear a clean gi and try to wash it regularly, if possible daily.  Wash your hands frequently or you can use sanitizer in case of emergency. Tie your hair properly and wash them routinely. Do not share your towel with any of your companions. In addition, if you are suffering from jock itch then use different towel for the contaminated area and do not rub the surface of the skin, as it is already very sensitive.

4. Do Not Ignore Health
One factor of determining your success in the Jiu Jitsu is your health .Being healthy means having a balanced diet with a combination of regular exercise. Regular exercise will not only help you in maintaining your weight but also makes your body more flexible. Starting your day with a glass of water and exercise makes your body all physically fit and fine. Have special stress on your diet.

Ignoring what you are eating can be very harmful. Add vegetables and some fruits in your daily food chart. Avoid sugar but make sure that you do not exclude it completely from your food. Drink lots and lots of water. Proper nourishment to the body also enhances your immune system and helps your skin in fighting all the deadly germs.

The sport Jiu Jitsu comes with little more complexities if we talk in context of women. But if you make all these points a part of your routine then the journey of yours in this rare sport becomes more cozy and enjoyable.


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