The Top 4 Bjj Self Defence Techniques You Should Know

Most students who begin training any martial art start for the reasons of wanting to learn self defence.

Grandmaster Helio Gracie believed that first and foremost Gracie Jiu-jitsu was for a smaller, weaker opponent to defend themselves against larger attacker.

Most bjj academies these days concentrate more on the sports aspect of bjj but the self defence aspect should not be forgotten.

Here are the 4 most important self defence techniques you should know from bjj

1) Standing headlock
Used in playgrounds and in bar tussles the world around, you have to learn how to deal with this situation!
Stephan Kesting at Grapplearts shows how. This is possibly the most common street attack.


2) Closing the distance to avoid punches
For when a confrontation has escalated and the punches start flying. Against a bigger, stronger opponent you do not want to exchange punches in a fight.
A clinch is a safer strategy


3) Guillotine Defence
Starting from the feet you:
1) protect your neck from the choke
2) take the fight to the ground
3) free your neck from the opponent’s grip


4) Escaping the Mount
Get caught on the bottom of the mount and you will be absorbing some punches unless you know how to escape.
Watch street fight videos and you will see time and time again people getting caught on the mount.

* All of these situations are extremely common in street fights involving untrained attackers.
Make sure you know your self defence!

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