The Undertaker Put Brock Lesnar To Sleep With Modified Gogoplata At WWE Summerslam

The Undertaker made a return at WWE Battlefield to hand Brock Lesnar his first non-DQ loss, since 2013, in professional wrestling. Millions of viewers watched while others read headlines that The Undertaker makes Brock Lesnar pass out with modified gogoplata. Brock Lesnar had taken control early in the match and took “The Deadman” to “Suplex City”. Even after giving The Undertaker several F-5’s and suplexes, Brock Lesnar could only watch as The Undertaker “resurrected”.

Fans were treated to a light moment during the match as “The Beast Incarnate” mocked “The Deadman” by sitting up like he usually does and laughing at him. The laugh, however, was short-lived as The Undertaker trapped Lesnar in the Hell’s Gate and made him pass out, prompting the referee to wave the match.


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