Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt And American Hero Speak Out About Terrorist Paris Train Attack

In an act of bravery, three American citizens, Spencer Stone (an air force serviceman), Alek Skarlatos (national guardsman), and Anthony Sadler (a state university senior), thwarted a man carrying an alleged AK-47 from carrying out, what could be a deadly attack on a train traveling between Amsterdam & Paris. Stone said that he heard a gunshot, following which, he and Skarlatos tackled the suspect and forced him to the ground. Stone put a chokehold on the suspect while Alex grabbed the gun from his hand.

Stone did not give up, despite suffering several wounds. The three Americans started punching the gunman, after which, Stone choked him unconscious. According to Stone, the suspect was unlikely to give up unless he was overpowered. He further said that it was an instinctive action. Sadler said that others should take a lesson from this incident and take action during a crisis. Video interview by Fox News


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