Renzo Gracie Becomes Emotional During An Interview, When Asked About His Brother

Renzo Gracie was third in his generation, and knew at a young age he was destined to be a martial arts star. Recently, while giving an interview on several topics  Renzo got emotional when asked about his brother. It has been close to seven years since his brother’s death, but he still cries when he thinks about him. The interview is available on YouTube entitled “Reflection Renzo Gracie.”
Ryan Gracie was 33 years old at his time of death on, December 15, 2007. Arrested on the streets of San Paulo, because of a paranoia episode, Ryan was subsequently restrained by policemen and drugged. The next day he was found dead in the police station. The Forensic Medical Institute in San Paulo confirmed that his death was caused by the drugs, which had been administered after his arrest. In Renzo’s video he stated that he misses his brother, but death is the only certainty we have.


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