This Guillotine Is Why You Don’t Ground Fight With Grapplers Unless You Grapple

Anyone else feels like they learned more from their time in the lunchroom than they did in most of the classrooms back in high school?

One young, seemingly capable striker learned an essential lesson about brawling with grapplers earlier last week, when he didn’t sprawl and then leaned right into a guillotine in the middle of a typical adolescent display of primate dominance.

We don’t have details on this fight–it ended up on some of the less evolved sites across the interwebs, but the technique of the smaller guy was so on point they warranted sharing.

Wisely, you can see the Smaller Guy decide early on he’s got zero interested in standing up and wood chipping with his opponent. He reaches the underhook the leg, changes levels, moves to throw, changes levels again, and finally gets the takedown, bringing his opponent into his comfort zone. The bigger guy, maybe disoriented by the scramble and that terrifying teenaged territory of “lunch room floor,” moves to escape, but ends up exposing his whole entire neck while trying to stand. And that’s….yeah, that’s not great, obviously:

We’re not fans of kids fighting, but solid grappling is solid grappling.


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