This Is The Reason Why The UFC Signed This Undefeated Teen Champion

Photo by: | Sage Northcutt

The question of the day is why the UFC signed this undefeated karate teen champion, Sage Northcutt.

Sage Northcutt, 19, signed with UFC after his last fight with Rocky Long on September 4th. A karate and MMA prodigy, Northcutt turned pro just last year, after he turned 18. Since his professional career kicked off, Northcutt has only been taken past the first round a total of twice.

With numbers as good as that, Northcutt was already promoting a name for himself. He initially caught the eye of UFC by winning five consecutive fights in a row. So impressed with his overall record, UFC signed the 19-year-old champion. Northcutt will be featured in UFC 192 in October of 2015, celebrating his debut in the UFC world.


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