This Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Jason Morris wrestling highlight is a spectacle to watch!

In Olympic Judo competition, Jason Morris is a silver medalist. He knows a thing or two about his martial art of choice. A wrestling highlight shows that he has a great Judo adaptation for no wrestling. Without a doubt, plenty of fans follow Morris from his Olympic performances, but this highlight shows even more. He took his Judo skills and translated them into wrestling talent, too. The video shows him throwing opponents around with ease.

Few people would want to fight Jason Morris in a Judo competition. After viewing this highlight, it’s probable that few people want to wrestle the man, either. Only the best fighters can take one discipline and combine it with another to see fighting success. Morris has done it with Judo and wrestling, and others have combined different disciplines before.


  1. How ABOUT that!?!?!?!
    Who would have thought that Japanese grappling/wrestling (aka Judo) could be used effectively in Western grappling/wrestling competitions? And LOOK, everybody!! IT’S NO GI!!! HOW is this possible?

    Just goes to show that with practice, dedication, applying oneself and understanding one’s Art, that a great many things are possible. Maybe this will inspire Jits practitioners to learn some Judo/grappling takedowns and throws. We can only hope. 🙂


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