THIS Video Shows Why Conor McGregor Should Fear Jose Aldo At UFC 194

An insane Jose Aldo video shows exactly what Conor McGregor has to fear on December 12. At this point, Aldo is an incredible 25-1 in his professional MMA career. McGregor comes in at a slightly less impressive 18-2 record. Both men are set to compete in the octagon at UFC 194, and the betting odds are in McGregor’s favor. On top of that, McGregor is leading the charge in trash talking and intimidation tactics.

However, this video shows how Aldo became a champion, and why he’s so dangerous in the cage. Displays of Aldo’s fighting prowess are on display in each shot of the video. Opponents are shown being outhit and outgrappled, standing and on the ground. After watching this video, it’s hard to see how McGregor can fight back against such a tough opponent. Someone will walk out of the cage at UFC 194 a champion, and the other will leave in utter dismay.


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