Tito Ortiz Open To Catchweight Fight With Fedor Emelianenko

Many believe that Fedor Emelianenko is, without any doubt, one of the hottest free agents in the entire mixed martial arts world. Recently, Ultimate Fighting Championship has had the opportunity to snag Fedor and, as his manager has stated, there is going to be no animosity between these two parties. Unfortunately, Bellator is still going to be backed by Viacom and many are interested in seeing how these two companies can make some big ratings happen. Many want to see Emelianenko fight with Bellator, with Tito Ortiz having expressed explicit interest in stepping into a fight with this legendary champion. The big money opportunity is going to be how these champions are going to present themselves in the fight. Many fans are already excited about the potential of these two facing off, and many want to learn more about what could happen in the future.


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