Tom DeBlass Answers the Question “How do I get better at BJJ?”

A packed class at Ocean County BJJ--photo courtesy of Tom DeBlass

Professor Tom DeBlass addresses one of the questions he gets asked most frequently by BJJ students around the world.  “How do I get better at BJJ?”  Check out his response in this short video.


Key ideas from the video:

What do I need to work on?  

It’s never just one thing.  It is a combination of many, many moving parts.  Hip movement, not holding your breath, etc. are all small pieces of a much larger puzzle.  The key to getting those moving parts working and flowing together better, is mat time.

You are like a beautiful machine.

BJJ requires thousands of skills and muscles and nerves to work in conjunction with each other.  If you opened up a computer and tried to watch it doing tasks, it would be difficult to see all of the many things happening.

Focus on what you can truly control.

Life is challenging.  Our precious time and energy is needed in so many areas.  But you must be disciplined and get on the mats as much as you possibly can.

The main price of the black belt is time.

Earning a black belt requires patience, perseverance and skill.  There are no real shortcuts.   The solution is mat time plain and simple.  Show up and over time, you will get better.

Train hard and check out Professor DeBlass at his academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:




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