Top 10 Biggest MMA Fighters of ALL Time!

MMA fighters are all in great shape, but some of them are just a little bit bigger than average. In fact, these ten athletes are the heaviest men to ever seriously compete in the world of mixed martial arts. Below are the top 10 biggest MMA fighters of ALL time!
10. Antonio Silva (6’4, 235lbs)

9. Semmy “Hightower” Schilt (6’11, 290lbs)

8. Choi Hong Man (7’2, 310lbs)

7. Mariusz Pudzianowski (6’1, 320lbs)

6. Bob Sapp (6’5, 350lbs)

5. Alexandru Lungu (5’11, 364lbs)

4. Giant Silva (7’2, 385lbs)

3. Alan Karaev (6’7, 403lbs)

2. Butterbean (5’11, 425lbs)

1. Emmanuel Yarborough (6’8, 600lbs)


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