Transgender Teenage Controversy In University Wrestling Competition

Photo/Facebook: Mack Rylee Karam

A teenager who underwent a sex change won a wrestling tournament for girls on Saturday. This happened, in spite of efforts from the parents of other competitors to ban him from participating.

Posted by Mack Rylee Karam on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Seventeen year old Mack Beggs from Texas started taking steroids in 2015, to change his gender to male.

Becks said that he asked to wrestle boys but wasn’t permitted, due to University regulations that say he has to participate as the gender specified on his birth certificate.

Students are not permitted to wrestle people of a different gender in the University league, so Becks had to remain in the female category.

Posted by Mack Rylee Karam on Friday, November 11, 2016

One girl he was scheduled to face at the weekend pulled out of the bout, after parents claimed it was not safe for her to compete – due to the ‘unfair advantage’ Becks had by consuming steroids.

Another parent is suing the League, on the grounds that it is risking the health of girls by permitting Mack to stay in the 110 pound weight division.



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