Travis Browne Talks About How He Caught Home Invaders

Travis “Hapa” Browne is not just a UFC heavyweight, he’s also one hell of a detective, and he put his sleuthing skills to work when some burglars made the mistake of stealing from the Venice home of him and his bride-to-be, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

We showed up at our Venice place before we were going to New Zealand. We showed up there. We just kind of noticed some things were either out of place or missing. We started looking around a little bit more and we noticed some things were definitely missing, the stuff that should have been there. So, we looked back on security cameras, we saw who it was, and so we replayed the last four days, we saw who it was, we took a picture, I had it on my phone. I noticed they all had skateboards. So, there’s a famous skate park right next to us. I just walked down, saw the two guys and the chick, and walked over to the cops and said, ‘There they are,’ and they tried to get away, you know, into the crowd and stuff, but they were arrested a couple hours later. 

Hapa told Ariel Helwani that the couple did not get any of their stuff back. However, for some reason, the thieves chose not to take any of Ronda’s medals. Interestingly, this brought about their eventual capture.

She [Ronda Rousey] still has her medal. It was funny, that was one of the things that helped put the nail in the coffin actually because they picked up the medal, which was in a hard surface case, and they actually touched the medal, but then put it back in and put it away. And it was like one of those things that has their fingerprints all over it, so that was one of the things that they helped match…

Unfortunately, Hapa hasn’t had the same success in the cage as he had capturing thieves. The former VFC Heavyweight Champion is riding a three-fight losing streak. Two of those fights have come by way of knock out.

Travis will be attempting to snap his losing streak when he takes on Oleksiy Oliynyk at UFC 213 this Saturday, July 8.

Check out the interview with Travis “Hapa” Browne below. He starts talking about his home burglary at 2:23.


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