TUF Champion Ryan Hall Back In Training With Kenny Florian

UFC Ultimate Fighter 22 lightweight winner Ryan Hall already back in training with Kenny Florian, showing that just because he was the winner of the reality show, does not mean that he does not want to stop improving. Florian, a retired UFC veteran who has challenged for both the UFC Featherweight and the UFC Lightweight Titles, has trained with Hall before. Hall, although winning the reality show at lightweight, has been intimating that a drop to featherweight will be in his future.

Ryan Hall told foxsportnews:

“I’d love to fight in April or thereabouts,” he said.

“I have enough time to make big strides from a technical perspective in that amount of time. That’s the benefit to being so new to MMA –€“ that you can make big leaps in between fights. If you’re not, you’re probably not approaching it properly.”

Hall is a very accomplished grappler outside of the UFC, as he competed in the 2009 Abu Dhabi Combat Club, winning the bronze medal in his weight class. Hall did not put on the most exciting performance when winning the reality show, but training with Florian to improve his already dominating ground game and to improve on his striking game with hopefully silence his critics as he heads into 2016.


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