Turkish Submission Wrestling Vs Aikido On Display

Levent Altunbas is a grandmaster of Turkish submission wrestling. In fact, he leads the Martial Kinetics Academy. Altunbas visited Vietnam’s largest Aikido dojo and was challenged by a 4th Dan in the martial art. What happened next was caught on video, and nothing that surprising happened during this playful matchup.

In the video, Altunbas is seen taking down the 4th Dan twice with relative ease. This Turkish Submission Wrestling vs Aikido video shows that TSW is a legitimate art. It’s not difficult to see that this competition is all in good spirit, though. Who knows what would happen in an actual competition? Check out the video below!


  1. I trained under this “grandmaster” for 2 months and left after I found out he was a fraud. Everyone in the Melbourne, Australia Jiu Jitsu community knows him as a fake black belt fraud. He is a blue belt at best.

  2. Also his “Turkish submission wrestling” is just no gi jiu jitsu. He only named it that to get people to join his club. His club was located in a predominantly Turkish neighbourhood so you can see why he would want to rename it to Turkish submission wrestling. It’s ok though. He is irrelevant now


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