Tyron Woodley Retains With Majority Decision Over Stephen Thompson

“The Chosen One” Tyron Woodley once again walked out of the octagon with the belt around his waist after taking on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Much of the fight looked like their last fight: Thompson bounced back and forth in a Taekwondo side stance and chased Woodley around the cage while peppering him with side kicks. Woodley kept his distance, occasionally throwing a one-two combination, but not looking like he wanted to do much damage.

The first two rounds were pretty much out a feeling out process. Very few punches and kicks were thrown, and the crowd filled the arena with boos to show their displeasure.

In the third round, Woodley finally decided to put some of his grappling on display. He charged in at Thompson, and after struggling with him up against the fence, took him down.

Woodley used his strength to keep Wonderboy on the canvas and repeatedly hit him with shots to the body. He did little damage, however, and Thompson struggled his way up.

By the fifth round, both fighters must have known they were running dangerously close to another draw, and they both turned up the heat. Close to the end of the fight, Tyron Woodley charged in with a flurry of punches, sending Thompson to the floor. The Chosen One pummeled away at his downed opponent, and referee Big John McCarthy had to step in to make sure Stephen Thompson could continue.

Again, Waterboy mustered the strength to work his way up to his feet. By now, it was too late, though. The final bell rang and there was little doubt who would walk away with the welterweight strap firmly around his waist.

Winner by majority decision, and still UFC Welterweight Champion: Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley!!!


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