UFC 197 April 23: Daniel Cormier Vs. Jon Jones

Fans of the UFC will tell you there is never a dull moment in this business. This is because the next big fight is always around the corner. Right now, the excitement is about to move up a notch or two. This is because Daniel Cormier is billed to defend his light heavyweight title against Jon Jones in the UFC 197. Remember that Jones is the only fighter who has ever beaten the impressive Daniel Cormier. The prospect of a re-match has fans of the UFC salivating already because this will be a truly great fight.

Fans of both fighters are busy speculating about the outcome of this epic fight. Some people believe Cormier will win the fight while others feel Jones will do the double on Cormier. Whoever wins or loses this fight, the ultimate winners are likely to be fans of the UFC because this is one fight nobody wants to miss. Hopefully, the two fighters will put up a great show in this huge contest.


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