UFC 206 Toronto: Daniel Cormier Vs. Anthony Johnson 2

A big rematch has been announced for UFC 206, and it should come as no surprise that we’ll all be seeing Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson 2 set for UFC 206 in Toronto.

As announced on UFC Tonight, the fight will see the two competitors face off for the title at UFC 206, fighting for the first time since UFC 187. Cormier managed to win that first bout, and he’s been quite successful since. Indeed, his biggest roadblock came not from a loss, but from Jon Jones’ inability to fight at UFC 200.

Johnson, meanwhile, is coming in hot off of a three win streak. This is his first shot at the title since his loss to Cormier, and a well-earned shot at that. After a few dominating performances, it’s easy to see why fans should be so excited for this match-up. Cormier and Johnson 2 will definitely be a fight worth watching.


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