UFC 262 Gracie Breakdown Of Charles Oliveira Vs. Michael Chandler

In a night full of jiu-jitsu, the main event title fight of UFC 262 this weekend between Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler brought the crowd to their feet on multiple occasions. While some may have predicted that Oliveira would win by submission given his near-record of 14 submission victories in the UFC, few could have predicted a flash knockout in the manner it occurred.

After a brief standup exchange early in the first round, Oliveira shot a takedown on Chandler and was subsequently wrapped up in a guillotine. As the Gracie brothers Rener and Ryron discuss, Chandler erred in squeezing 100% more than once, engaging in 6-7 second holds that ultimately did not put Oliveira, a jiu-jitsu black belt, unconscious. Rener proposes a longer hold with slightly less intensity that he contends would increase Chandler’s percentage from that position. Chandler was in fact properly positioned with his legs and his hips when he pulled Oliveira into the guillotine, alas it was the finer details of the choke that could have been the difference in the fight ending with a different result.

The brothers further examine how once Chandler loses the guillotine, he stiff arms Oliveira inadvertently giving his back and Oliveira locking in a body triangle. Chandler stands up and explosively throws himself back to try to damage Oliveira. This only serves to make the situation tighter, but Chandler is able to spin back in to Oliveira’s guard and gets out. The round likely goes to Chandler based upon the amount of damage done though this is debatable.

The next round sees Oliveira landing a hook fairly quickly dropping Chandler to the canvas. Perhaps the unsung hero of this victory is his submission defense as the brothers point out. He did not panic while he was in the guillotine, he portrayed a classical jiu-jitsu principle the brother’s call the ‘false surrender’ to get Chandler to lose his spirit as he was being choked in the first round.

Rener and Ryron further delve into a snippet of the 32 Principles Of Jiu-Jitsu program they plan on releasing soon. Renzo Gracie can be seen at the end of the video giving a raving review of the program, attesting that anyone from white to black belt would benefit from this conceptual approach to jiu-jitsu.

The entire breakdown differs from others in that the brothers really make a point to highlight certain specific principles in the main event fight. Concepts like the ‘buoyancy principle,’ ‘detachment principle,’ ‘cross the river principle,’ and the ‘false surrender’ previously mentioned all have universal application across all martial arts. Check out the breakdown below and keep an eye out for the 32 Principles.


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