UFC 267: Chimaev Puts Jingliang To Sleep Via RNC, Talks To Dana White While Doing It, “Brother, Don’t Miss My Fights. Don’t Look At Your Phone.”

Khamzat Chimaev has only had one strike against him in his entire UFC career of 4 fights. In his UFC 267 bout against Li Jingliang, his dominance couldn’t have been more clear. 

With no respect for Jingliang’s takedown defense, Chimaev shot right in for a double leg, ducked under, took the back, carried him over to where Dana White was sitting, and gave a short speech to the UFC president before slamming his opponent. From there, he took the back, flattened Jingliang out, landed some heavy ground and pound, and eventually put Jingliang to sleep via RNC.

When asked about what he had to say to Dana White, Chimaev explained, “I said, ‘Dana I am the king here!’… I could’ve taken him down earlier, but I wanna talk to Dana White, he wasn’t watching the fight, he was on his phone or something. Brother, don’t miss my fights. Don’t look at your phone.”

Lesson: Don’t blink during a Chimaev fight, and definitely don’t look at your phone.


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