UFC Fight Night 176: Alistair Overeem Defeats Walt Harris In Round 2

UFC Fight Night 176 has concluded, capping off another exciting night of fights, with Alistair Overeem taking on Walt Harris, who was fighting for the first time since the loss of his step-daughter, Aniah Blanchard.

Both fighters started off circling each other carefully, each respectful of the other’s power. After a few strikes, Harris landed a hard hit on Overeem and capitalized on it, knocking him to the ground and raining down hard punches, opening up Overeem’s face with a big cut over his eyebrow. Overeem managed to defend himself well enough to keep the fight from being called. Harris slipped as he threw a kick, which allowed Overeem to take him down and nearly get his back, but Harris defended himself until the round ended.

Both fighters kept their distance as the second round started until a head kick from Overeem landed cleanly on Harris, disorienting him and giving Overeem the opportunity to knock him down and land a flurry of punches. Harris tried to turtle up and defend his head against Overeem’s strikes, but Overeem managed to get a hook in and find openings to hand his punches on his opponent. Overeem flattened Harris out, and Harris wasn’t able to recover enough to convince the ref that he could continue.

The referee called the fight, and Overeem was declared the winner by TKO.


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