UFC Fight Night 176: Claudia Gadelha Defeats Angela Hill In Bloody Co-Main Event

The co-main event of UFC Fight Night 176 saw an action-packed war between Claudia Gadelha and Angela Hill that was so close, the judges couldn’t unanimously agree on a winner.

Both fighters came in aggressively with back-and-forth strike exchanges before Gadelha managed to get a hold of Hill and force her against the cage. Gadelha got Hill to the ground and worked to side control, and Hill inched her way toward the cage in an apparent attempt to cage-walk out of the tough position. Hill got to her knees, and Gadelha momentarily secured her arm, but Hill managed to get to her feet before the clock ran out for the round.

The second round started off similar to the first, with both fighters generously throwing strikes. A hit from Hill knocked Gadelha to the ground, but Hill beckoned for her to get up again. Gadelha worked to force Hill to the cage again, but Hill managed to reverse the position before the fighters broke apart and returned to the Octagon center. The fighters continued to push the pace, each landing a few heavy strikes, and Gadelha’s face was significantly bloodier by the end of the round.

Despite being significantly more battered in round three, the athletes still were fast and heavy with their strikes, Gadelha’s face now covered in blood. As the final minute of the round began, Gadelha and Hill clinched up, and Gadelha broke away with a heavy elbow. Both fighters finished the round and fight strong, with over 400 strikes being exchanged throughout the entire fight.

The judges awarded Gadelha the victory by split decision.


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