Fight 2 Win 140 Results: Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho Defeats AJ Agazarm In Main Event

Fight 2 Win 140 — the promotion’s second event in as many days, has concluded, finishing off another exciting night of matches with a nail-biting main event between AJ Agazarm and Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho.

At the start of the match, Agazarm first attempted a takedown before pulling guard, and Queixinho worked to pass while applying an Ezikiel choke. Agazarm held him in half-guard, but Queixinho was eventaully able to pass and work for a Brabo choke. Agazarm managed to break away, and the competitors were reset. Queixinho attempted a loop choke from standing, but after Agazarm again broke away, Queixinho pulled guard again and then got to his feet and jumped to an omoplata. Agazarm tried to roll out, but Queixinho countered with a roll of his own, and the two tumbled off the stage with Queixinho still holding onto the omoplata.

After they were reset, Agazarm attempted a takedown, then Queixinho jumped a triangle and transitioned to an omoplata and then a deep armbar. For a moment, it looked like this would be the end for Agazarm, but he managed to get out, and the match continued. Queixinho then worked a crucifix from the back, which Agazarm again managed to escape. As the clock wound down, Agazarm came in aggressively with single-leg attempts, but was unable to get Queixinho where he wanted him before the clock ran out. The judges awarded the victory to Queixinho by unanimous decision.

Full Results:

Fight To Win 140 Results:
Black Belt:
Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho defeats AJ Leão Agazarm Decision
Gabriel Almeida defeats Roberto Jimenez Decision FOTN
Rodrigo Lopes defeats Joe Murphy Oma Plata SOTN
Stephen Hall Defeats Buddy Roberts Decision

Brown Belts:
Cameron Adair defeats Mike Diaz Heel Hook
Mark Francescutti defeats Bradley Clifton choke
Michael Salazar defeats Tony Oviedo choke SOTN

Purple Belts:
Ricardo Mendez defeats Wade Smittle Split Decision FOTN
Edward Johnson defeats Adam Cruz Anaconda Choke SOTN
Keaton Standridge defeats Blake Bradshaw Decision
Troy D Mercer Defeats Joshua Richards Armbar

Blue Belts:
Joao Matheus Melo Assonitis Defeats Diego Vasquez Decision


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