UFC Founder Rorian Gracie Happy With Sale

Ninth-degree red belt Rorion Gracie is glad the company he helped create, The Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been sold.

In an interview with MMA Fighting on Monday, Gracie said Dana White and the Fertitta brothers – Lorenzo and Frank – did “the right thing.”

“Their intention was to make money, and they did it. They enjoyed the ride for a long time, and made the decision to sell it. We have to respect their decision. If I were them, I may have done same thing.”

Rorion – who is the eldest son of Brazilian jiu-jitsu founder, Helio Gracie – also credited Dana and the Fertittas with helping the sport grow.

“The feeling I have is that I had a son, and they adopted it, sent him to study at Harvard, and now my son controls Wall Street. It’s great to have an idea, and see it come to fruition.”

The UFC was sold for 4 billion dollars. Dana White will continue as president and the Fertitta brothers will have a “passive minority interest.”


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