UFC On FOX RESULTS: Anthony “Showtime” Pettis Vs Charles Oliveira

Round 1

They engage immediately. Oliveira goes for a takedown and presses Pettis up against the cage. He’s trying to trip Showtime, but they break.

Another clinch with Pettis up against the cage. Oliveira gets the back and takes Showtime down. Charles has his hooks, but Pettis rolls to Oliveira’s guard.

They get back up and exchange kicks. Oliveira goes in for a single but Pettis stuffs it. Showtime then lands a HUGE kick that buckles Oliveira.

Charles is now on his back on the ground and Pettis is landing a flurry of punches. Charles tries to go for an armbar but Anthony passes into side control. Pettis throws some small elbows and jabs and Oliveira bucks Pettis off.

They scamble, Oliveira gets the back, but Pettis gets him off and lands more huge punches in Oliveira’s guard.

Round 2

Pettis is looking relaxed and Oliveira is looking beaten up.

They touch gloves and exchange a bit. Oliveira goes in for a body lock, but Pettis takes him down. Charles takes Pettis’ back but Showtime again rotates to the top. They get up and Anthony lands a huge headkick.

Oliveira is chasing Pettis around the cage with punches but Anthony is returning. They are up against the cage. Charles with a knee and elbow. Pettis gets away and Oliveira is trying to clinch. Charles goes in for a body lock and jumps on Pettis’ back and gets his hooks in. He takes Pettis down, trying for an RNC and punching the back of the head.

Again, Pettis rolls into Oliveira’s guard. Showtime stands up and invites his opponent up. They both exchange some punches and and Charles pushes Pettis up against the cage. Pettis lands a spinning kick and gets a huge connection. Oliveira then lands a double leg but it’s too late in the round.

Round 3

They exchange some punches and kicks. Oliveira gets a takedown and in Pettis’ guard. Charles passes into half. Pettis goes for an armbar but Oliveira passes back to side control. Pettis goes to his knees and gets his back taken, but then again rolls and gets Oliveira in side control then north-south.

They get back up. Oliveira goes in for a takedown but keeps his head too low. Pettis falls back and gets the tap via guillotine choke, snapping his three-fight losing streak.

RESULTS: Anthony Pettis def Charles Oliveira via submission (guillotine choke) R3


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