UPDATE: Statements released on FAKE BJJ Blackbelt Jay Queiroz

It’s been four days since Jay Queiroz, a man posing as a Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu blackbelt was exposed by my students and myself. The video (Watch Here) has
gone viral within the community, and their has been an outreach of
full support from all around the world. I’ve received private messages
on Facebook from practitioners in Egypt, Russia, Brazil, Australia and
all across the US thanking me for exposing a fraud. While I am
extremely grateful for the incredible amount of support, I was merely
just doing my part in keeping the art that we all love so much – pure.

Jay Queiroz
When I first saw Jay Queiroz’s videos, it was clear this man was no
BJJ Blackbelt. I did my research for two days before outing him. I
wanted to make sure before I took any action, that I made the proper
phone calls to coaches, teammates and other Blackbelts(on GFTeam) and
had them watch the videos. I immediately felt for his students, who
blindly were in a trans under Jay’s spell. Jay was giving out blue
belts in a matter of weeks. Of all the belts in Jiu Jitsu, Blue belt
brings with it a sense of accomplishment. On average it takes anywhere
from 10-18 months to receive a Blue belt. Practitioners of BJJ come in
all different shapes, ages, sizes and genders. What takes one
practitioner 6 months to do, may take another student 18 months. The
adjectives of “handwork,dedication, sacrifice, blood, sweat, tears”
etc, are a broad generalization for what really does go into receiving
a Blue belt. The countless hours on the mat, the struggle of being the
bottom rung on the ladder, fighting and arguing with your significant
other and then going to train, over time at work, not having the
cardio to continue, a bruised ego, the list goes on and on for a
fraction of reasons one takes the exit ramp on route to their Blue.
The sanctity that lies within the achievement of a Belt in Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu is unlike ANY other Martial Art due to the arts purity which
exists because of it’s loyal and dedicated practitioners.


For Jay to undermine what goes into receiving the first belt on the
Jiu Jitsu ladder was a major reason for this expos’.

Here’s what Jay Queiroz’s Student and Website designer Nick M. had to say:

“I trained with Jay for a few months (about 3) it seemed a bit sketchy
from the start I’ll admit but, I over looked it because he seemed like
a nice person. During that time I got a blue belt in a few weeks witch
made me completely sketched out because, from what I read it takes the
best of the best a minimum of 6 months to get a blue belt and I’d say
I’m just average. Too add to that he didn’t have any belt higher then
purple until he ordered a black belt a while later (He claimed he left
it somewhere I don’t really remember, also I think this confirms your
theory that he actually may have been a purple belt). The sketchiness
of that lead to 2 of my friends leaving the gym immediately after but,
no no I trusted him so I stayed a while longer and trained almost
everyday for about 2 more months and it started feeling really
repetitive and I felt like I’d already learned everything he had to
teach. At that point summer hit and I started working full time with
the combination of lack of time and repetitiveness I decided to stop
going during the summer although I did plan on going back once the
summer ended solely because of the fact I considered Jay a friend and
I should probably support him. After seeing this video to my
disappointment the assumptions I had were confirmed. It’s pathetic
that he’d lie to his students that put in countless hours helping him
with his gym. What he did was low and I mean real low I understand the
honor of having a belt and what it means in BJJ and he completely
disrespected it. Not only that but he lied and took advantage of
everyone’s trust. I decided it would be best that I delete the website
I built for him because now I find it misleading (this is not an act
of spite I just feel its in everyone’s best interest). The thing I
don’t get is he still has people supporting him.”


The Chief of GFTeam Julio Cesar Pereira released a statement publicly
directed towards Jay Queirozon his Facebook:

“Hi, I just came to say to you that a Purple belt can’t teach a Jiu
Jitsu class. You can’t use our name, of GFTeam, on this way. You are
not authorized to do that.

By: GFTeam Management.”


Jiu Jitsu changes lives. There is no losing only learning. A
competitor or a hobbyist we are all one, we’ve all be affected by the
benefits of Jiu Jitsu. When I watch my students sit against the wall
socializing after a hard roll, coming from all different walks of
life, all from different social classes,all from different political
philosophies, all a variety of ages. These men, women and young adults
didn’t encounter each other until they stepped into this academy.
That’s Jiu Jitsu, that’s the art we all love. Techniques aside, Jiu
Jitsu is socially effective as well as physically.

Until next time, I’m Mike Palladino on behalf of Jiu Jitsu times. I
hope you enjoy my articles and I’ll continue to uphold the purity of
the art that has bettered us all.


  1. Thanks for having the guys go expose this guy. I’ve started training again after a few years and finally found a school that treats its students like family. I’ve been beat up, stuck at the bottom of side control until I felt like throwing up, tossed around and submitted by higher belts…
    This is how you learn, and figure out if its for you. When I got my first stripe on my white belt, I felt like a million bucks, felt like I earned it. At the end if the day I am OK of I never grade again…I love doing this. To see a guy like that just not get it, to skip everything hard and teach bad technique and rip off students is horrible….good on you for your guts, forttitude and integrity.

  2. This guy should go to prison for fraud.you cant just pretend to be anything and take peoples money.the brown belt should have choked his ass out!

  3. The most important problem that was brought up in the video was that he could hurt somebody. He had children and who knows he could be teaching police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and soldiers. Anybody knows a little bit of takedowns immediately knew he was not teaching a single leg takedown correctly or an armbar from closed guard right. I feel so bad for his students because you can see the compassion on their faces for training jiu-jitsu. Any of his former students reading this post, you are in luck. You have the opportunity to go train at marcelo’s, renzo’s, or unity. Those are just three great schools in New York. I advise you guys to go check out those schools. Also, everybody makes mistakes, but you can tell he shows no remorse after he gets called out and then he goes on to say that, “The place is still good.” NO! Absolutely not. The professors at the school make the jiu-jitsu experience all that much better. My advice to this guy is slap on the white belt like all the rest of us and become legit. Also, to give full refunds to all of his students.

    • I was thinking the same thing. As a white belt and a former wrestler I was in a tournament and did a single with my head outside. I got choked out. Learned that lesson. Hard to believe a purple belt wouldn’t know that

  4. All these comments and even the original article fails to recognize one important fact. A BJJ purple belt would not be teaching incorrect technique like a head outside single leg. The guy is not even a purple belt. A purple belt is no joke

  5. There is only one thing that is incorrect in what was said above in that it was stated that a purple belt is not permitted to teach classes. That is not technically accurate. From what I understand any belt ranking as low as blue belt is permitted to TEACH but cannot award any belt higher than his or her own. For example, a blue belt could teach but could only award a white belt with stripes. He or she could not award a blue belt as a blue belt and certainly could not award higher. That being said, obviously under a blue belt one could only learn as much as that person knows at their level. But to be fair I have trained with purple belts who were quite effective and who had a great deal of knowledge.
    That all being said though maybe under that Team Pereira system they do not allow anyone under blank to teach. That is possible as well. Its interesting though, in PA there is a black belt also named Pereira whose lineage and belt ranking have come under question numerous times over the years.

  6. lol how could gft eventhink hes a purple belt and even say purple belts cant teach bjj thats bullshit tons of even blue belt gyms opened up years ago purple belts were very un common until the past few years so thats a dumb statement but yeah.. he doesnt even seem to have 2 stripe white belt skills lookhow badly he moves around

  7. “blue typically takes 10-18 months to get”. LOL no idea what school you’re training at. It takes 24 to 48 months of training constantly to get one at the gym I train at.

  8. If this guy holds a purple belt… who did he get it from? Look at the techniques he was showing, it’s insane! It’s not even the correct technique taught sloppy….it’s just the WRONG techniques. I can see if he was showing some good shit, but making mistakes like leaving too much space, telegraphing takedowns, not being on his side enough etc etc…but this is atrocious… I’m a purple belt, Ive taught classes since i was a 2 stripe blue belt, and I think even as a white belt i had more technique than this guy…. ohhh dear.


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