Urijah Faber: The Day After The Jose Aldo Fight

Faber took a total of 31 kicks to the legs. The fighter admitted that he was in a lot of pain, starting near the beginning of the fight when Aldo got some good kicks in.

Towards the end of the fight Faber was limping and unable to fight his best. Afterward he said that he felt like passing out, several tests where done and he has no broken bones. As to the comments that have been made about his loss, Saber said he was fighting a world class fighter that got an advantage in the first round. There were no adjustments that could compensate for his lack of mobility.

For now,Faber has no plans to go to the 135 pound class. He will continue on in his current category.


  1. Difference is connor will be all over him aldo is their for a reason connor has woken some what of a fire inside aldo and his water might not be able to put it out.


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