Victim In Former UFC Fighter’s Child Exploitation Case Revealed To Be A 16-Year-Old Girl

Image Source: Douglas County Sheriff's Department

More details have emerged in the disturbing case of former UFC fighter Abel Trujillo, who has been charged with felony child exploitation and obscenity.

The details of the charges were left unclear when the news first emerged earlier this week, but now, an affidavit obtained by MMAJunkie offers better insight into what the fighter is accused of.

According to the report, Trujillo began sending photos of his genitals and videos of him masturbating to a sixteen-year-old girl in March of last year. The alleged victim had initially been flattered by Trujillo’s attention due to his status as a “celebrity,” but once the messages and photos became explicit, she claims she told him to stop multiple times before blocking him on social media. However, when she “refreshed” her social media accounts seven months later, she says that he began sending her more naked photos, and it was at this point that she reported the problem to the police.

The alleged victim claims that she believes Trujillo knew she was in high school because of her Instagram photos of her that were taken at school and in her cheerleading uniform. After the police investigation began, she cooperated by reminding Trujillo of her age — he said he hadn’t known how old she was and initially stopped responding to her messages, but days later, he sent her another explicit image, which she reported.

When police entered Trujillo’s apartment with a warrant, he admitted to having conversations with multiple girls under the age of 18 and that he knew that the alleged victim in question was younger than 18. He also said that he both send nude photos to the alleged victim and requested nude photos from her. Police reportedly also found “dozens of photos of young-looking women” on Trujillo’s phone during the search.

Trujillo will be able to enter a plea during his arraignment on September 6 of this year.


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