Victor Hugo Comes Back, Beats Cyborg for No-Gi Worlds Open Championship

That’s how you come back from a loss.

Victor Hugo Marques suffered a frustrating defeat in his first IBJJF World No-Gi championships as a black belt, losing earlier today by a single advantage to established competitor and coach “Cyborg” Abreu in their ultra heavyweight division. Abreu went on to take gold in their class, defeating James Puopolo of Lovato BJJ in the finals.

Hugo made sure the same thing didn’t happen twice once he an Cyborg met again in the open division, securing a kneebar for the definitive tap in their finals match.

The gold is a continuation of Hugo’s dominating IBJJF podium presence over these past few years, as he medaled like a monster through purple and brown belt. Hugo was still a brown belt for last year’s round of no-gi competition, taking gold. He also won Worlds, the European Open, Pans, and the Brazilian Nationals at brown. Since being awarded his black belt in 2019 he has won the Las Vegas Open, ACBJJ World, and UAEJJF Grand Slam championships.


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