VIDEO: Could BJ Penn Have Been One Of The Best Ever? Dana White Thinks So

Could “The Prodigy” BJ Penn have been one of the best fighters ever?

UFC President Dana White thinks so.

When asked by TMZ Sports about a fighter with the “best talent” but “worst motivation” White hesitated, then answered BJ Penn.

“BJ Penn probably should have been one of the best ever, to ever live, to ever do it,” White told TMZ Sports.  “BJ was so talented. I think BJ in his own words would go back and do differently if he could.”

BJ Penn holds a 16-10-2 record.  He is notable for being one of only two fighters (the other being Randy Couture) to hold UFC titles in two different weight classes. His name, BJ, is short for another nickname of his, Baby Jay.

What do you think of White’s statements? Could “The Prodigy” have been one of the best if he had more motivation?


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