Police Officer Puts Thief To Sleep

If there’s any doubt that Jiu-Jitsu or MMA training can have some outstanding real life applications, and this video clearly shows how a good rear naked choke can be used to take down a criminal without having to resort to using a firearm. A non-lethal take down of a thief who was attempting to go violent.

The video is of a neighborhood in the city of Volta Redonda in Brazil, a neighborhood actually known as the St. Louis area. From the sound of clapping and cheers you can tell the locals watching (and filming) the confrontation were as impressed with the move the officer used to deescalate the potentially violent situation while capturing the thief.

Even with the lack of a threat of lethal force, you have to think any thieves in the neighborhood are going to think twice after seeing that.


This happened in Volta Redonda, in the St. Louis neighborhood, The police officer got the thief on a rear naked choke putting him to sleep.


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