Off the Mat with a Bjj Black Belt: Master Ricardo Liborio

Photo by: Anthony Abuan

Jiu-jitsu Times is excited to announce a new feature: Off the Mat with a Bjj Black Belt where we feature a short interview with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts from different academies around the planet.

This week we are excited feature Master Ricardo Liborio who is a Carlson Gracie black belt and founders of the world famous American Top Team in Florida.
One of the top trainers in the world and recently victorious in his 2015 ADCC Superfight against another jiu-jitsu legend Mario Sperry.

“Nothing more powerful than a competitive person that works hard and it’s not afraid to pay the price to success in life.”
Ricardo Liborio


Jiu-jitsu Times: Can you tell us how and why you got started in bjj?

Ricardo Liborio: I started at Carlson Gracie school in Copacabana.
Master Rosado , Carlson Gracie’s red belt , it was the uncle of my first girlfriend and he invited me to train at the gym.
He showed me the first arm bar and I was hooked.

Jiu-jitsu Times: Who have been the biggest influences on your jiu-jitsu and what did you learn from each of your professors?

Ricardo Liborio: Tons of influence in my Jiu Jitsu.
I started watching and training w some of the old school Carlson Gracie like Peixotinho and Pinduka.
But Carlson and Delariva were great influences on my game at the time.
I used to play bottom in a predominantly top game school.
I think it was because of Delariva.
But I always tried to learn from everybody.

Jiu-jitsu Times: What is the place of jiu-jitsu in your life?
God, family, Jiu-Jitsu …enough said!

Jiu-jitsu Times: You are the head of ATT in USA. What is it like to operate a world class fight camp with fighters from all over the world?
What is your typical day like at ATT?

Ricardo Liborio: One thing is for sure … It’s never boring …LOL …tons of fighters ,coaches , staff and students…there is always something interesting happening….Always something new to learn.
But things changed a lot for me now.
I had to move to Orlando(Florida), to give my daughter Bella a chance to go to a visually impaired program in Central Florida.
I’m taking care of the licenses and the Jiu Jitsu programs at the ATT’s affiliates.
We are launching the new Website in June.
Be ready for ATT Jiu Jitsu competition team! …lol

Jiu-jitsu Times: You recently returned to competition in a Superfight at ADCC against “Ze Mario” Sperry with a victory.
How did you prepare for the fight?

Ricardo Liborio: I’m very fortunate to have so many guys that could helped me for this camp , King MO, Steve Carl , Steve Mocco, Steve Carl, Parrumpinha , Roan Carneiro, Ryan California , Vagner Rocha , Dan Cramer , Yoel Romero and Hector Lombard are just a few names that I have to mention …they helped me so much …I would never be able to thank them enough.
It was 10 months of preparation.
I came from a very tough back injury (7 herniated disks ) and they were able to help me to get there.

Jiu-jitsu Times: Can you give some advice for students of jiu-jitsu that worked for you in your training?

Ricardo Liborio: Have fun … Enjoy the ride and learn it from it .
There is always something to learn from Martial Arts in general.
The message it’s simple … You don’t quit what you started!
Life it’s going to tap you!
You can be mad or sad but you don’t stop playing the game …suck it up and get ready for the next training session!

Jiu-jitsu Times: Can you talk about your philosophy of brazilian jiu-jitsu – training and life?

Ricardo Liborio: I always thought that a kind heart with a strong grip is the way to live life.
Accepting a loss don’t make you a loser … You just lose if you quit!
Nothing more powerful than a competitive person that works hard and it’s not afraid to pay the price to success in life.
The key is to try to be a better version of yourself every morning.

Jiu-jitsu Times: Can you tell us something interesting about yourself that most Jiu-jitsu Times readers would not know?

Ricardo Liborio: I got my blue belt with 2 months of training and stay there for at least 4 years.



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