Video Shows Robbie Lawler & Nick Diaz In Heartwarming Exchange After UFC 266 Fight

The highly anticipated rematch between Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler finally took place at UFC 266, with Lawler coming away the victor after seventeen years of waiting for a rematch.

The win for Lawler happened via a third-round TKO during an absolute brawl of a fight, and given Lawler’s reputation as a classy athlete, it was no surprise to see him sharing some apparent words of positivity or encouragement after their fight.

Now, a clip filmed for UFC 266: The Thrill & The Agony reveals what Lawler actually said to Diaz, and fans are praising it as a special moment of sportsmanship and compassion in a brutal sport that is often filled with trash-talk.

The clip shows Lawler asking Diaz if he’s doing well “in life,” apparently checking in on Diaz’s mental wellbeing. Many fans also shared concerns about Diaz’s mental state in the lead-up to the fight, with Diaz saying things like “I don’t know why I’m doing this” ahead of his comeback.

You can check out the moment below:


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