Vlogger Calls Out ‘False Empowerment’ From Women’s Self-Defense Seminars, Partially Blames Feminism

Ladies, can you learn to defend yourself after going to one women’s self-defense seminar?

Short and to the point, no. There’s no “but” following that “no” either.

There’s a famous quote by Joe Rogan that’s been floating around the Internet in meme form. In it, Rogan talks about how he’s been training and fighting his whole life, but he’s still “terrified” of getting into fights.

Vlogger and BJJ blue belt Shelly Doyle would certainly agree with Rogan, and she is calling out women’s self-defense seminars for promoting a “false” sense of “empowerment” in women.

“One class is not enough time for you to develop the muscle memory to be able to even react in a way that’s going to help you get away,” Doyle says in her video. “Nobody in a gym or anything is going to really attack you in the way that somebody would if they had the intent to want to kill you.”

Shelly even partially blames feminism for this false empowerment.

You know, the feminism thing is really popular now and no wants to say that [i.e., you’re in serious danger if a man attacks you] to a woman because it’s discouraging them. 

Doyle believes that a smarter approach would be women avoiding dangerous situations such as going to a store at 3am — if they can avoid it, of course.

Some feminists would be horrified at Shelly’s statement, accusing her of “blaming the victim.” Indeed, “Don’t teach women what to wear or do; teach men not to rape,” is a common chant in feminist circles.

Doyle is sympathetic to these women, but she feels they aren’t being realistic.

You shouldn’t have to worry about that [being attacked by a man] and it sucks how it is, but that’s how it is, and it’s not going to change.

She also denies that she is anti-feminist.

I am actually for women and I don’t believe in sugar-coating and bulls**ting women into thinking that they can do things that are really f**king dangerous.

You can check out the Shelly Doyle’s vlog in its entirety below:


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