Wal-Mart Black Friday Fight Broken Down

Every year it appears to be the same old story. The battle for the 90-inch screen leaves no prisoners. The aisles of department stores nationwide face a surge of discount-hungry consumers, and every year we invariably hear about someone getting trampled by a stampede of patrons.

This year is no different, but the outbreak of a fight did not occur how you would normally think. The concept of social-distancing and mask-wearing has become a staple in today’s society, so much so that some take offense to being told when or where they should cover their face. A red-pant wearing patron in the video below is one such person who took exception to being told to wear a mask indoors. While a normal reasonable person would concede that a private business has every right to request that their patrons wear a mask, this brave yet foolish individual decided that the best course of action to being told to wear one was to attack and mount on top of the store employee.

The red-panted patron did not appear to have any sophisticated jiu-jitsu moves at their disposal, merely mounting and throwing a few wild punches before standing up to deliver a soccer kick to the ribs. He did appear to exhibit halfway decent mount control, though this could also be chalked up to the Wal-Mart employee not having any discernible clue of how he should handle the aggression on the bottom of the mount.

Let us hope that Wal-Mart employees in the future will heed Rener Gracie’s mount escape concepts and his trap and roll combos. It’s a dangerous world out there in Aisle 7.


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