Watch Cruz and Dillashaw Engage in War of Words

UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw sat down with former champion Dominick Cruz and John Anik to promote their long awaited, main event title fight on UFC Fight Night on Sunday, January 17th. The two rivals weren’t very complimentary of each other. transcribed the exchanged between the two.

TJ Dillashaw: When I got in this sport, he was the champ. Goal was to be the best in the sport, and he was there. I made some huge leaps and bounds, and now I’m here.

Dominick Cruz: He mixes up things better than any of the opponents I’ve faced so far at 135 lbs, but he hasn’t faced somebody like me. He’s able to mix things up because he’s facing stationary targets, so he’s been able to look a lot better than he actually is.

TJ: He’s just a talker, man….

DC: Why don’t you talk?

TJ: ‘Cause I don’t need to.

DC: Why?

TJ: ‘Cause I don’t want to.

DC: You don’t want to talk, because you don’t want to say what you are going to do, because you’re scared to eat your words. So say it. Tell me.

TJ: I don’t need to…

DC: I’ll do it right now. I’m going to beat you, because I’m better than you.

TJ: I told you, I’ll knock your ass out.

DC: How?

TJ: Don’t worry about how I’ll knock you out. I’ll do it.

DC: That’s how you’re going to beat me? No one even hits me.

TJ: You’re going to get hit.

DC: How are you going to hit me?

TJ: You’ve got holes in your game, man.

DC: That’s all you’ve got to say? You’ve got no reasoning. You’ve got no back up. “You’ve got holes in your game, and I hit harder than you.” Those are both opinions, there’s no facts behind it. What’s the facts you have stating why you’re going to do what you’re going to do?

TJ: I’m breaking records for significant strikes landed…

DC: Yeah, you’re a dangerous fighter against stationary targets. Your power doesn’t matter if you can’t hit something. I’m hit the least amount than anyone in the division.

TJ: Alright, I’m done talking to you.

DC: You can’t be done talking to me. You’re right here facing me, dummy.

TJ: [expletive]

DC: You’ve got no choice. You’ve got no place to go. Keep talking. I’m better than you because I’ve beaten people that are better than you. I’m better than you because I’ve beaten champions that are still winning. Tell me why you’re better than me.

TJ: I’ve already said it, dude…

DC: No you haven’t. You’ve said you will knock me out in 2 rounds, and I have holes in my game.

TJ: You’re run around, and don’t do nothing…

DC: I don’t get hit.

TJ: You’re talking about your striking and how you’re so dangerous, but my numbers blow you out of the water…

DC: I have more title fights than you too, man.

TJ: My UFC record is way better than yours.

DC: Because you’ve been able to fight when I was hurt.

TJ: Exactly…

DC: So you have more fights in the UFC…

TJ: Talking! Talking!

DC: You’re fake, man. You’re a fake person. You pretend to be cool with people, but you’re not. That’s why I don’t mind talking to you, because you’re fake. You’re not real. You’re like “Mr. Nice Guy”, but it’s not real.

Jon Anik: I don’t think we need to wait, there’s an Octagon right there.

TJ: [Expletive] I would love to. I’d love to. It can’t come soon enough, man. I can’t wait to shut this guy’s mouth.


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