Watch: Mason Monsevais vs Kennedy Maciel IBJJF Europeans 2016


  1. Two things wrong here.

    1. This is why I don’t get excited about competing in points based tournaments. Hopefully someone can put together good regional gi and no gi tournaments with the EBI rule set so we can move away from this boring point style that I feel hurts the integrity of the sport.

    2. Didn’t Kennedy get his purple belt like a month ago. Obviously he is a stud, but how was he competing at blue belt at the end of last year. It would appear he is competing two belt levels below his true skill set.

  2. I don’t know either of these guys personally (I know of Kennedy), but god this was painful to watch. The whole double pull, then Kennedy holding on to an ankle for dear life and not really looking to finish. Then waiting for someone to finally attempt a pass to get the sweep last min., that wouldn’t have been available if his opponent didn’t decide to stand up and at least attempt a pass. Boo. IBJJF needs to change things up for real!!!


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