Watch Renzo Gracie Stick Up For Student in Pancrase Back in 2003

Way back in 2003, Team Renzo Gracie member Ricardo Almeida fought Nate Marquardt for the Pancrase middleweight championship. Five minutes into the fight, Almeida caught Marquardt with an arm-in guillotine for the submission victory and held it a tad too long after the tap just to make sure the referee acknowledged the submission. Marquardt, who was dazed and confused from the choke, thought the fight was still on and started to reign down blows before Almeida’s coach and mentor Renzo Gracie stepped in and kicked Marquardt in the face. Don’t let Renzo’s big smile and friendly demeanor fool you. When you mess with one of his top students and close friend, he will make you pay. Moments after the kick, order was restored and Renzo can be seen hugging Marquardt and quickly making up with him. Almeida also shared a moment with Marquardt, so there were definitely no hard feelings between the two future UFC stars.

Just remember, don’t mess with Renzo Gracie. Advice certain street thugs and bouncers need to follow.



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