Watch Robbie Lawler & Tyron Woodley’s Mom Display Amazing Sportsmanship At UFC 235

There’s a lot of trash talk that happens in the UFC, but sometimes, a closer look helps us see encouraging and even heartwarming moments from both the fighters and their families.

One of the most memorable and controversial moments at UFC 235 happened when referee Herb Dean stopped the fight between Ben Askren and Robbie Lawler. Askren had Lawler in a bulldog choke, and Dean believed that Lawler was out cold due to his limp arm. But when the fighters were separated, Lawler was shocked and upset, claiming that he wasn’t out at all.

Lawler and Dean clearly exchanged some words after the stoppage, but it was hard to hear exactly what was said. Now, audio released by the UFC shows exactly what the two said to each other. Those looking for drama may be disappointed — although Lawler was clearly aghast over what he believed was an early stoppage, he seemed to forgive Dean and called him a “f*ckin’ hell of a ref” once the dust had settled.

That alone would’ve been great, but later, Tyron Woodley’s mom took it up a notch and embraced her son’s opponent, Kamaru Usman, after his win over her son. In an emotional moment, Usman cries into her shoulder with his championship belt slung over his shoulder as Woodley’s mother offers him words of comfort and encouragement.

Watch both of these moments (separated by a brief clip of Colby Covington being… well… himself) to help a little bit of your faith in humanity be restored.


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