Watch Stanley Rosa & Oliver Taza Get The First Heel Hook Wins In IBJJF History

In case you missed it, Stanley Rosa and Oliver Taza made jiu-jitsu history over the weekend when they claimed the first heel hook victories in the IBJJF at the Dallas International Open.

The wins came following a rule change implemented this year that now allows brown and black belts in the adult divisions to reap and go for heel hooks in IBJJF no-gi tournaments.

Rosa and Taza claimed gold in the medium-heavyweight and middleweight division, respectively, with Rosa winning both of his matches by heel hook and Taza winning his first match by guillotine and the second by heel hook.

If you’re curious as to how those wins happened and want to pick up some techniques from two of the best in the game, you’re in luck. Both Rosa and Taza have shared footage from their matches on social media, and you can check out how they got their historic wins below:

Stanley Rosa:

Oliver Taza:

With the first heel hooks officially in the books, there’s no telling which leg lock specialists will rise up in the IBJJF rankings in the coming months and years.


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