Watch What Happens When You Don’t Follow Script with Pro Wrestling/MMA Legend Antonio Inoki

Japanese professional wrestling legend Antonio Inoki came to fame as the longtime heavyweight champion of New Japan Wrestling and for his “match” with heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali. In addition to being New Japan’s top star, Inoki also owned and operated the promotion with responsibilities that included crafting story lines, dealing with professional wrestlers and determining the outcome of the matches. When you are the owner and champion of a promotion, chances are you expect wrestlers to fall inline and follow the plan. During a match between Inoki and a Canadian wrestler known as The Great Antonio, the 300 plus pound Great Antonio went off the script and tried to rough up Inoki for real. Inoki who is trained in catch wrestling and various other martial arts, quickly put The Great Antonio in his place and left him in a puddle of his own blood. Watch the match unfold below.


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